IT Services and Development

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Thinkforces IT service offerings include:

  1. Database Development and Support(Microsoft Sqlserver-2005/2008/2012/2014)

  • Including database creation,data impoting and exporting,database optimization,performance tuning, schema,application development and support with lifecycle management.
  • With growing data needs, we provide managed solutions for your data warehouse requirements.

  1. ETL Development and Support(SSIS-Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.)

  • Extract data from Microsoft and non-Microsoft data sources including SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, text and XML/CSV files, ODBC and OLE DB sources.
  • Analyzing, designing, developing, installing, configuring and deploying MS SQL Server suite of products with Business Intelligence in SQL Server Integration Services.
  • Data integration programs, including data cleansing and enrichment, ETL and ELT, data synchronization, migration, and master data management.
  • As an offshore SSIS development, we can capture real-time data from sensors and other industrial gadgets, analyze the data streams in-memory.
  • Experienced in Vast data normalization and cleansing standardization.
  • Highly knowledgeable in loading transformed data into relational databases and dimensional data warehouses/data marts.

  1. Report Development and Support(SSRS-Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services)

  • We can manage a wide variety of different types of report, and deliver them in a range of formats.
  • We can create basic reports containing tables and graphs, or more complex data visualizations, using charts, maps and sparklines.
  • Our reports can draw their data from SQL Server databases, but also from other relational database such as Oracle, and other types of multi-dimensional or XML-based data sources such as SQL Server Analysis Services, or Parallel Data Warehouse.

  1. Consulting Services

  • Delivered with deep technology(Database Development,Performance Tuning,Integration and Reporting)for implementations, upgrades, customizations and business process expertise.

  1. Thinkforces Trusted Support

  • Our support team is empowered to serve and support your business 24x7x365 with complete transparency at all levels without surprises or hidden costs.

Our Advantages

  • Respect

We treat each other with respect, including behaviours of honesty, integrity, transparency, trust and an appreciation for diversity.
  • Collaboration

We work together to advance Thinkforces and its academic mission in fostering relationships and in building community.
  • Celebration

We come together in fun and enjoyment to recognize accomplishments and successes and to show appreciation.
  • Support

We support people through empowerment, providing a safe and caring workplace and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Accountability

We are accountable, individually and collectively, to each other and to Thinkforces for our actions and for achieving our promises.


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